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 Lakeshia has a passion for sharing her story and faith journey. She enjoys speaking to intimate groups such as book clubs as well as audiences at churches, conferences, workshops and more. She inspires people to not only believe in themselves but to act in faith. If you're interested in booking Lakeshia, please contact us here or e-mail us at 


"Very professional motivational speaker, insightful, and a wealth of knowledge regarding setting and reaching goals and has the ability to relate to all ages." ~Rev. Henry G. Veal, Jr., Second Washington Baptist Association
"Lakeshia's insight as a motivational speaker, PR Consultant, and author of "Faith Beats Fear" was a powerful message for how to overcome through faith. I enjoyed Ms. Poole, and the spirit she brought to the forum." ~Tracie Astin, Astin Affairs
"Lakeshia was a very inspiring and motivated speaker, who took time to speak with individual students. Lakeshia is a very gifted and anointed young lady. She is a great inspiration to the young and to the older." ~Vivian Jones, College & Career Forum
"Lakeshia did an excellent job motivating the students and was not afraid to share her own experiences. She is a very talented young lady." ~Rev. Benjamin Martin, Fellowship of Christian Athletes