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Lakeshia Poole believes in crafting compelling stories that spark change and connect people. As a speaker and trainer, Poole empowers and encourages people to focus on progress instead of perfection. In her latest title, Faith Beats Fear, she helps readers uncover the power, love, and sound mind to live victoriously. 

She has brought the concept of Faith Beats Fear to life through live events and discussions that guide audiences through facing fear and taking action. From churches, high schools and colleges to empowerment events and book festivals, she shares a step-by-step process to conquering fear. Her signature topics include:

  • Grow From Worrier to Warrior: How to Build Everyday Habits of Faith
  • Faith @ Work: Succeed in Business Without Sacrificing Your Faith
  • Believe It To See It: Create a Vision for Your Life & Make It Happen
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"Very professional motivational speaker, insightful, and a wealth of knowledge regarding setting and reaching goals and has the ability to relate to all ages." ~Rev. Henry G. Veal, Jr., Second Washington Baptist Association
"Lakeshia's insight as a motivational speaker, PR Consultant, and author of "Faith Beats Fear" was a powerful message for how to overcome through faith. I enjoyed Ms. Poole, and the spirit she brought to the forum." ~Tracie Astin, Astin Affairs
"Lakeshia was a very inspiring and motivated speaker, who took time to speak with individuals. Lakeshia is a very gifted and anointed young lady. She is a great inspiration to the young and to the older." ~Vivian Jones, College & Career Forum
"Lakeshia did an excellent job motivating the students and was not afraid to share her own experiences. She is a very talented young lady." ~Rev. Benjamin Martin, Fellowship of Christian Athletes