Why Not?


Since I released Faith Beats Fear, I’ve had a recurring request to ‘get it in XYZ Store.’ I always sigh and lament the self-publishing and distribution process.

Yet, in the middle of my church’s morning prayer call, a thought came to me: Why not? 

Naturally, I thought of several reasons excuses why it couldn’t/wouldn’t work, but, “Why not?” kept on popping up and by the end of the 10-minute call, I was ready to TRY to make this ‘impossible’ thing happen. While at the outset, it’s seemed like an outlandish dream, sitting and actually thinking about it for a few minutes, I realized all the resources I already had to make it work.

Fear tries to convince you that you’re incapable of so much. And to a certain extent–this is true. YOU can’t do it ALL. But, trust and believe, when you rely on the power, love and sound mind God gave you, so much becomes not just possible but probable.

When an idea comes to you and you say it can’t work, take it through the ‘why not?’ process. “Well, it can’t work like that because that’s not how it’s done.” “Why not?” The deeper you go you’ll realize there really isn’t a good reason to NOT follow your purpose and that YOU — your unique experiences, your special gift(s), your calling, your very being — are the only reason you need to act in faith.

Take a few minutes today to ask, ‘why not?’

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