What to Do When You’re Not Ready


A few months before I published Faith Beats Fear, I talked to my best friend about my concerns on how the book would be received. She said something that really stuck with me: “You know Keshia, some people may not be ready.”

Now she knows me very well and I knew exactly what she meant. The very premise of Faith Beats Fear, for me, works when people act. She knew that success for me would not be based on the number of books sold, but in the hearts and minds changed, leaps taken, forward actions.

Most times when you’re facing a new opportunity or that dream you’ve always wanted to fulfill or a promotion to a position…you ARE NOT ready. Here’s the important thing though — the typical markers of success and progress you seek (this degree, that job, knowing those people) aren’t always what they seem and in some cases unnecessary, ESPECIALLY when you’re exercising your faith.

There’s something that happens when you start taking action. You begin to cross paths with like minds or supporters. You tap into a reservoir of strength that you never knew existed.

As much as I talk about #FaithBeatsFear, I don’t personally believe its possible to get to a point where you’re completely fearless. My goal is to get you to fear less. Fear space less. Reconfigure your fear. Learn how to use it as an engine to go instead of pumping your brakes and stopping all progress.

When you are confronted with something good or bad and you say to yourself , “I’m not ready.” Do it afraid.

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