What Are You Passing On?

I had an awesome opportunity to share my message of Faith Beats Fear at the 2018 Ellipsis Experience. While I didn't get to attend the conference aspect, based on my interactions with ladies and teens at my table it was indeed a fun and spiritually engaging experience! 

I love events like these because I get to talk one-on-one with people about their journey of faith (and fear). 

One of my customers was a 9-year-old who loved reading, writing and talking about it. She also plotted how/when she could read the Faith Beats Fear devotional. That was probably THE MOST inspirational moment for me. She was simply mirroring her mother's habits.

I talk about this in Faith Beats Fear, how Paul recalled Timothy's faith (2 Timothy 1:5-7) and noticed the same attribute in his mother and grandmother. LISTEN, habits of faith (AND FEAR) get passed from one generation to the next! And you have to stop and wonder sometimes, even if you don't have kids, what am I passing on?

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