The Fight Ain't Fair

“It ain’t fair.”

This has been a common refrain throughout my life. When I was a little child, fairly well-behaved, it seemed like life was just SO UNFAIR. And even now as an adult, I sometimes find myself muttering, “That ain’t fair.” In the past, these thoughts led to me positioning myself as a victim or a loser. I didn’t plan to win or expect to be treated favorably.

A prime example of this happened a few times in the workplace. I’m a very hard worker and don’t believe in half-stepping or missing deadlines. Because of my strong work ethic, people tended to turn to me for way more than my ‘fair share’ of work. At first, I would get angry about it, but then I noticed that A. I could manage the extra work well B. I learned so much and expanded my skill set C. I met more people that I wouldn’t ordinarily meet. All of that ‘unfair work’ is part of what I believe has fueled many amazing career opportunities.

As I continue on my #FaithBeatsFear journey, I’ve realized it all boils down to my perception of the fight. No, it’s not fair. But I’m no victim.

In a boxing match, a fighter has a corner that includes 3 people: a trainer, assistant trainer and the “cutman.” While the trainer and assistant trainer doles out advice and encouragement, the cutman keeps the fighter’s face free of blood and cuts (that could lead to officials stopping the fight).

When we find ourselves in the ring with fear, we tend to desperately seek a specific leader, friend, colleague, neighbor, family member, etc. to help or tag us out. However, the reality is when we put our trust in people, sometimes they deliver. Other times we’re left disappointed or hurt by their actions (or inaction). Know that we have the most powerful corner available to us: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. With this corner, we gain SPECIAL access to the strategy, resources, opportunities, and discernment needed to fight off fear and become a champion of faith!

The fight just ain’t fair, ya’ll! With what we have — power, love and a sound mind — victory is assured.

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