Make Room for New

I couldn’t wait to get started with my new computer. I’d backed up all my files and plugged in my hard drive to the new computer ready to smoothly transfer all 500G+ of everything. It would be just like having my “old computer" but better. Until my new computer alerted me there wasn’t enough space to move all of my stuff. Wait. What? But this is a newer, better computer? What do you mean? I played around with the configurations, turned it off and on again. Nothing worked. There wasn’t enough space for allllllllll my stuff. I’d made a horrible mistake in my purchase — instead of an upgrade, I’d seemingly downgraded. This wasn’t how I thought it would be.

And then I thought, maybe it would be good for me to go through these files — ala Hoarders — and select what I really need and want. I did that for a bit, but grew impatient. Finally, I thought, what if I work with what I have and start anew? You see, a lot of the older files were from a period of time where I did different work and essentially lived a different life. None of it was bad, but a lot of it wasn’t as useful to me anymore. If anything, it was distracting. I’d see a file name and get swept away with thoughts of the past. Or I would try to emulate actions from long ago wishing for similar results in the new thing I was working on. 

It was an aha moment for me. It’s difficult to make space for the new when you have so much OLD sitting around. The old things, people, practices, habits and lifestyle bring comfort and it’s easy to cling to them despite the clutter. But I challenged myself (and am extending it to you as well), make room for new. Don’t go overboard trying to do too much because the old adage, less is more, rings true. You’d be surprised, you may not require as much space — as many resources, connections, as much money, talent, knowledge, planning — as you think. Use what you have.

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