How You Make It Matters

I spoke at the March Makeover and Motivation event presented by Astin Events. Ya'll. I loved the energy of so many wonderful, ambitious, faithful women! There is nothing like it.

I shared my tips on managing fear and about my personal battle(s) with fear. I also presented an excerpt from the Faith Beats Fear daily devotional. Usually, I read the short story, "The Impossible," but this time I read "The Promotion."

I feel like that story represents so many women and our journey to "make it." MY narrator Mrs. Rosa Mae worries and wonders about the cost of her goddaughter chasing the perfect life. She asks this simple, yet powerful question: Where are you trying to go and what are you trying to get that cost you your character?

I've made some choices that I'm not proud of, but for the most part, I've allowed my values to serve as the foundation for my career. It's not easy, especially when you see others with questionable motives and practices seemingly thriving. When those who lie, cheat, steal, make you trip and fall so they can make it to the finish line first win, it can cause you to wonder if that's what it make it. I don't believe so.

Not only do those actions catch up with you, but can you imagine living a life where you have to constantly compromise your character? It has to be exhausting!! Keep doing the right thing the right way, even when it doesn't look like you're being rewarded. Do it so you can be the you God created you to be. Do it so you can sleep well at night. Do it so you can be an example to someone.
After all, what's the point of making it if you lose yourself in the process?



  • Thank you!! I love ya’ll too — and appreciate you always pushing me to do my best. I owe my ability to remain firm in my values in large part to my church family :)

  • Proud of you. Keep up the great job. We love you.

    Kim Warren

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