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I absolutely love this book. I was going through a tough time when I found it really hard to believe. This book suggested a strategy for getting back to my faith that was so simple, yet profound.

This book was truly inspirational. It's a pep talk for the soul. The journaling part is great. It helps to write things down so it's in black and white so I can pray on it and watch how things are changing. Wonderful book.

All my life I have been a chronic worrier. I remember worrying about everything even from my earliest childhood memories...This book set me free!

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Meet Lakeshia, creator of faith beats fear

I invite you to move from fear to faith.

How do you get faith? Do you wish really hard for the outcome you want? Do you grin and bear the pain, faking like fear doesn't exist? To encourage myself and others, I began using #FaithBeatsFear as a personal mantra in November of 2012. Years later, I wrote the Faith Beats Fear book to reflect what I’ve learned and continue to discover in Scripture and personal experience. God created each of us with a wonderful purpose in mind. Can you imagine what we could do if we all used our gifts and acted in faith in all things? I can. Let's do it!